The stunning beauty of Chile is amongst some of the finest in Latin America. This spindly country that stretches out over more than 4,300km is packed with ADVENTURE!

From the northern stretches of the fascinating Atacama Desert, home to geysers, salt flats, and exquisite landscapes, all the way down to the massive freezing glaciers in the south, the mighty Andes mountain range marks the eastern border. Complete with volcanoes and glacial capped peaks it stretches all the way to the incredibly scenic and remote fjords, while the Pacific Ocean laps the unspoiled beaches along the western coast. Sprawling sand dunes, dense ancient forests, powerful rivers and sparkling lakes are caught in the middle of these two giants waiting to be explored.

A special treat for history and archaeology buffs is Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Isla Robinson Crusoe. Nothing can surpass the feeling of remoteness and isolation as you land on the islands for sightseeing, trekking, diving trips and more.

Get a taste of Santiago the capital, while strolling through museums and its traditional neighbourhood Lastarria, then stop for a meal at one of the many hip restaurants amongst the graffitied walls of Barrio Bellavista. Wander through a family estate tasting wine in the Casablanca Valley and travel to the coastal town of Valparaiso, made famous through the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

For some of the most pristine beauty, head south to the Lake District towns of Pucon and Puerto Montt, or to the very remote National Park of Torres del Paine. The adventurous will find world class white water rafting, sea kayaking, hiking and mountain climbing all with-in easy reach. Sailing options include trips through the fjords to the San Rafael Glacier, crossing into Argentina via the famous "Lake Crossing" to Bariloche or cruising through the Magellan Strait to Tierra del Fuego viewing some impressive wildlife and scenery along the way.

Chile awakens your senses… Get ready for your next adventure!



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